Incorporated Organizations - Checklists

Our checklists will help you to organize your records better and identify potential deductions, issues and concerns. Send all completed documents to Leonard Bruno CPA. Please read our Tax Alert Bulletins before completing the engagement letter and checklists. Click here for our bulletin. If you have any questions about filling out these documents, please contact us.


Did you live or work in Canada for the calendar year?  Then fill out these forms.
Unincorporated Organization Engagement Letter – lists your instructions to us and the terms and conditions of our service
Your books and records are ready to present to our office so we may proceed with the preparation of financial statements and tax returns?
Provide details to help us prepare a plan to help you keep as much money in your hands and reduce the amount paid in taxes.



Are you a Non-residents and/or do you require a US Return?  Then fill out these forms.
If you are a new client or filing for the first time, please provide a copy of your incorporation documents and records office details
Do you require bookkeeping assistance?
Are you operating a U.S. company and doing business in Canada? Note – U.S. companies must file a Canadian corporate income tax return along with Schedule 91, Treaty-based exemption form, and Schedule 97 within six months of the corporation’s year-end.