Leadership Development

Are you interested in developing a more effective organization? Ever wonder what are the factors that contribute to successful problem solving and innovation? Have you considered how you can provide the key skills and insights to create effective leaders and teams in your organization?

In collaboration with Gina Buchanan of the Koru Consulting Group, Leonard and Gina will help you to identify, analyze, and build solutions involving organizational challenges. Organizational challenges may involve:

  • How to create, implement and achieve positive organizational change.
  • How to develop effective, high performance teams.
  • How to deal with the internal and external political environments; and
  • How to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.
Our consulting approach is to work with your organization to develop a strategic approach (using assessments, interviews, strategic thinking and strategic plans,) to create solutions that are aligned with your goals and objectives.

Does your organization need an assessment of its leadership and management capabilities and capacities? If you said yes, book a free consultation to ask specific questions you have for your organization and its current needs. For clients outside the Lower Mainland, appointments can be arranged via Skype.