Personal Checklists

Our personal checklists will help you to organize your records better and identify potential deductions, issues and concerns. Send all completed documents to Leonard Bruno CPA. Please read our 2019 Tax Alert Bulletin before completing the engagement letter and checklist. Click here for our bulletin. If you have any questions about filling out these documents, please contact us.
Start here – all individuals fill out these forms
Personal income tax list of instructions to us and basic terms and conditions of our service.
Client intake details  and Personal Tax Organizer – required information, including foreign reporting and slips/income summary.



Complete the Personal Tax Organizer and review the remaining list to prepare all applicable and additional checklists.
Tax organizer completion checklist



Are you a new Client? Then fill out these forms – Individuals, including the self-employed or active members of a partnership
Authorizing or cancelling a representative – personal taxes
Authorizing or cancelling a representative – non-incorporated businesses, i.e., for the self-employed or active members of a partnership.



Did you live or work in Canada for the calendar year?  Then fill out these forms.
Did you begin living or working in Canada in 2019?
Did you begin living or working outside of Canada in 2019?
Did you live and or work in more than one country during 2019?



Are you a Non-residents and/or do you require a US Return?  Then fill out these forms.
Non-resident Checklist
T2062 Checklist – Request by a Non-Resident of Canada for a Certificate of Compliance Related to the Disposition of Taxable Canadian Property
For US Income Tax Returns please contact Leonard Bruno for details
Are you operating a U.S. company and doing business in Canada? Note – U.S. companies must file a Canadian corporate income tax return along with Schedule 91, Treaty-based exemption form, and Schedule 97 within six months of the corporation’s year-end.



What are your sources of Income (other than tax slips)
Did you sell your principal residence during the year?
Did you sell any property, including shares, or did you transfer property by way of a gift or receive any gifts?
Were you granted or did you exercise stock options during the year?
Did you earn rental income?
Were you self employed or an active member of a partnership?
Do you require bookkeeping assistance for your business?
Do you have employment expenses?
Does your employer provide you with a vehicle or require you to use your personal vehicle for work?
Does your employer require you to use a home office for work?
As an employee of a transport business, such as an airline, railway, bus or trucking company, or other transport employee, are you require to pay for meals and lodging without reimbursement?



Do you have Expenses and Deductions?  Then fill out these forms.
Did you make incur any medical expenses?
Did you make any donations?


Additional information and checklists that may apply to you
Did you make any tax instalments?
If you have a refund would you like it deposited directly to your bank account?
Additional Information
Do you use a family trust?
Has there been a death in the family?